Special Features

  • The yearly planner consists of arrayed chapters for each of the subjects, test grid of the whole session with syllabus mentioned in it, holiday schedule, homework checking schedule etc.
  • Classroom teaching is supplemented with futuristic study material in the form of chapter modules, which provide sequential theory of a particular chapter with exercises.
  •  Special classes are designed for other exams like Olympiads, IJSO, NTSE. Study material are provided and regular tests are conducted.
  • Special tests are conducted for the students who are aspiring for good ranks in competitive exams. In this test series students showcase their talent which is benchmarked at national level in a pool of thousands of students.


  •  Daily Practice Problems (DPPs)
  • Modules
  • Board Sheets
  • Memory Maps
  • Revision Sheets
  • Online Test Series
  • Board Practice Tes